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Dennis L. Martire: Leading the Northern Virginia Labor Union Movement

May 18, 2023

Dennis L. Martire
Dennis L. Martire, a prominent figure in the labor union landscape, resides in Northern Virginia, where he serves as a leader and advocate for the entire mid-Atlantic region. As the elected vice president and regional manager of the mid-Atlantic area for the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), Martire assumed this role in 2002 and has maintained it with unwavering dedication ever since. Prior to his current position, Martire dedicated over a decade of his career to LIUNA, starting in 1990.

Martire's journey with LIUNA commenced in 1990 when he joined as an international representative for the organization's jurisdictional disputes department. Throughout the following years, he progressed steadily, showcasing his abilities and commitment to the labor movement. Rising through the ranks, Martire held positions of increasing responsibility, serving as assistant director and later as director for the construction department of LIUNA. In March 2002, his exemplary track record led to his appointment as assistant regional manager for the mid-Atlantic region, setting the stage for his current influential role, which he assumed in January 2002.

From his home base in Northern Virginia, Martire has effectively guided LIUNA, spearheading numerous achievements that have positively impacted workers and labor unions. Under his leadership, LIUNA Local 11 has expanded its membership, providing more individuals with the opportunity to benefit from the collective power of the union. Furthermore, Martire's steadfast commitment to ensuring fair wages has played a pivotal role in securing equitable compensation for workers in Maryland and beyond.

With a career spanning nearly three decades, Martire's unwavering dedication to LIUNA and the labor unions of the mid-Atlantic area continues to drive his success. His leadership and achievements have left an indelible mark on the region, empowering workers and elevating the labor movement to new heights.

Dennis L. Martire's remarkable career stands as a testament to his passion and unwavering commitment to labor unions. Through his steadfast advocacy and visionary leadership, he has made significant contributions to the betterment of workers' lives and the advancement of the labor movement in the mid-Atlantic area.